Our Services

USLS – Chartered Valuers (Pvt) Ltd focuses solely on providing valuation and real estate consultancy services including real estate brokerage and development. The firm was formed in 1992 as Green Acres and later renamed as USLS – Chartered Valuers, and now employs approximately 22 professionals dedicated to providing valuation and real estate consultancy services.
The consultants at USLS routinely provides real estate consultancy services and valuation of hotels, airports, islands, ports, estates, businesses, factories, software, companies etc.

Types of Valuations

Sale and purchase

know how much you should pay for a property. Don’t make a loss by selling your property for less! Use our formal valuation report as a selling or buying tool.

Visa purposes

We can provide a formal valuation report that comprises of market value of your assets to enhance the chances of your visa application with the embassies.

Capital Gains Tax

We can help you to minimize the capital gains tax amount by subtracting all the expenses such as improvements, commissions, fees paid etc.


Find out the market value of the property you’re going to mortgage and how much you could borrow from a bank for the property.

Acquisitions and mergers

Understand the value of the shares and stocks of the company you want to merge with. Don’t over pay!

Stamp duty and compulsory purchase

Find out how much stamp duty you should pay. For land acquisitions claim compensation and get the market value for the acquired land.

Accounting and financial purposes

Revalue your assets and update books of accounts and balance sheets.

Fix rent/leases

Find out how much you could yield from investment properties and forecast your earnings. Don’t rent it out for less and make a loss!

Property Valuation

Property valuation is an estimation which comprehends the value of a property while considering the improvements and depreciation; it is especially one carried out by a professional valuer.

To profit in real estate investments well educated guesses about the potential profit investments would generate must be made. Therefore, you need valuers who have the experience and knowledge to make well-educated guesses about how much profit investments would generate.

We offer quality and speedy valuation for any property strictly in compliance with professional and ethical standards which will be delivered by a highly experienced and skilled team of valuers qualified in both local and British valuation qualifications.

We have over 2000 loyal clients globally, with valuations worth over Rs. 6 Trillion in property, over 35,000 projects completed while being panel valuers of 11 major banks.

Property Consultation

At Upali Silva & Lochana Silva – Chartered Valuers (Pvt.) Ltd., our expertise extends across a full range of property assets.

We provide clear guidance for property investment decisions. In addition, we offer consultation services with regards to property development, real estate management, and planning matters.

We advise you on law and regulation, professional and ethical standards. Compliance with those things will help you to build/invest/sell real properties in the peace of mind.

We support you for encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others.

We help you manage personal property, equipment, tooling and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair and maintain end item deliverables.

We provide property valuation in Sri Lanka as well as property valuation in Maldives. From apartments in Colombo, islands in Maldives, Estates in Galle or Factories in Nuwara Eliya we do it all because we understand the versatility you require.


We are a forward-thinking business with years of experience in meeting the needs of commercial and residential real estate clients.

Our business approach is founded on the very traditional idea of real estate brokerage that has been around for a very long time. We do not charge any upfront fees to our property sellers; instead, we charge a commission based on the sale of their home. A number of communication techniques are used to get your item in front of the right audience.

In addition to our unrivaled industry knowledge, our client-centric approach, and dedication to providing our clients with great value, we also have a number of other competitive advantages. In order to help our clients, make smart real estate decisions, we have made a commitment to them.

Real Estate Development

When it comes to managing each step of the development process, we offer owners and investors with the specialized knowledge, experience, and capacity that they need.

Pre-development, financing, design, construction, and operations are all areas in which we have extensive knowledge and experience. We also have specialized expertise in the growth of certain asset types, such as real estate (e.g., apartments or hotels). The owner/investor can rely on us to manage their project from conception to completion in their best interests since we understand all of the factors that affect the development of a project as well as all of the hurdles that projects face.